How does Rally help my student learn?

Updated 11 months ago by Sarah

When your student reads aloud to Rally, the Kindle-like interface underlines each word to be read. The underline advances in real time, from one word to the next, until your student skips a word or makes an error. Rally indicates the skipped or misread word by underscoring it with a dashed line. Your student can opt to read the word again or have Rally read the error word to them. Then the dashed line disappears, and Rally resumes underlining the next word to be read. Rally tracks uncorrected errors as "Trip Words" on the Dashboard for future practice.

Once your student is finished with a reading session, the student can tap the 'Dashboard' button on the bottom navigation bar to review their progress. The Dashboard displays all key statistics and any badges that the reader may have collected along the way, providing motivation for the next day’s reading session. 

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