How will I know if my child or student is making progress?

Updated 11 months ago by Sarah

Rally keeps parents and teachers up to date with notifications on daily goals, milestones achieved, and challenge words. Here's how to enable your notifications:

Go to your iPhone or iPad settings > Notifications > Rally Reader > Allow notifications - be sure this button is green which enables notifications!

Additionally, you can see reading statistics in the 'Dashboard' in the Rally Reader app. There are data points to view like daily goals, words per minute, persistence, and streaks. You can also review within different time frames, like data from today, yesterday, a month, and even a year.

Consistently practicing reading and tracking progress over time helps students learn more about themselves as readers and motivates them to continue practicing.

A few timely words of encouragement from a parent or teacher make all the difference. Once you have notifications turned-on, you will know exactly when the child is reading. Let them know you are proud of their effort and watch their face light-up! Away from home? Send them a quick text. They will feel great about themselves! 😃

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