How will I know if I am making progress?

Updated 5 months ago by Sarah

Rally tracks your key statistics and provides a summary of your progress from every reading session. Even as you are reading, Rally will share celebratory messages with you to keep you motivated. Once you are finished with a reading session, tap 'Dashboard' button on the bottom navigation bar. That will show you all your key stats and progress.

You can switch your dashboard stats too! Go to your 'Dashboard' at the bottom navigation bar. Then tap the yellow "Today" button to see a drop down menu of time options- such as today, yesterday, this week, month, even a year! It's amazing to be able to look at the progress you are making, reflecting on how far you have come and will continue to go while practicing with Rally.

The more you read, the faster you will improve.

Need a little extra motivation? Share your reading stats with family, teachers or close friends. They can help cheer you on. At the bottom of your Rally 'Dashboard', tap <Share my Stats> and send your invites by text or email.

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