How do tutoring subscriptions work?

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Progress is quick but not overnight. We offer 3 month subscriptions because that is enough time to see reading gains.

Kids progress at different rates, depending on their foundation, profile, and the amount of time they spend reading in the Rally app.

Here is how the subscription works.

Clients are charged $180/month, each month, for 3 months.

Example: Subscription is purchased on October 10, 2022:

  • $180 on October 10,2022
  • $180 on November 10, 2022
  • $180 on December 10, 2022

Instantly, after billing, the customer gets:

  • 4 tutoring sessions to schedule
  • $20 book credit

Unused tutoring sessions role-over to the next month and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Using the same example:

  • Sessions billed on October 10, 2022 are valid until October 9, 2023
  • Sessions billed on November 10, 2022 are valid until November 9, 2023
  • Sessions billed on December 10, 2022 are valid until December 9, 2023

*Customers who purchase subscriptions may purchase extra sessions a-la-cart in increments of 1, 2, 3 or 4 additional sessions. Those sessions can be purchased in the Rally App > Education > Tutoring > Purchase & Schedule extra sessions

*This option is only available for customers with subscriptions.

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