How Do I Know if My Child is Making Progress?

Rally Reader’s dashboard serves as the perfect hub for you to track your kiddo’s progress! You can keep track of:

  • Daily reading goals
  • Words read per minute
  • Persistence
  • Streaks and badges

 Keeping up with your child’s reading is simple. 

  • Open Rally Reader
  • Tap Family icon
  • Tap child’s name

There, you can view your child's recent book, track their progress, see their daily reading goal, visit past reading sessions, and so much more! 

Consistently practicing reading and tracking progress over time helps students learn more about themselves as readers and motivates them to continue practicing.

A few timely words of encouragement from a parent or teacher make all the difference. We encourage you to turn on notifications for Rally Reader. Once you have notifications turned-on, you will know exactly when the child is reading. Let them know you are proud of their effort and watch their face light-up! Away from home? Send them a quick text. They will feel great about themselves! 😃