How Do I Purchase a Book?

To purchase a book in Rally Reader:

  • Tap the books icon on the lower left corner
  • Select Bookstore on top of screen 
  • Search for a title
  • Tap the cover of the book to launch the book page
  • Select “purchase book”
  • Download and enjoy :) 

Need to load more funds in your Rally Reader account? You can do so by:

  • Tapping the balance on the top left corner of your screen
  • Selecting the amount you’d like to top off your balance with 
  • Pay with Credit Card or Apple

You can also add just the amount you need to purchase the book you’ve been eyeing by:

  • Selecting purchase on the book description page
  • Select Apple  or Credit Card on the pop up that follows

Rally will top off your balance to the amount required to purchase the book


Happy reading!