What are Trip Words?

Ever have the sidewalk you’re walking on trip up your stride? Rally Reader anticipates our readers will have moments where they trip on words, just like one does when walking on the sidewalk. 

We call these words trip words. When a student reads a word and does not self correct, Rally Reader collects them and creates personalized flashcards for students to go back, practice, and master.

To see a student’s trip words, head to:

  • Dashboard
  • Trip words

To practice, simply:

  • Tap on any trip word flashcard to start practicing
  • The yellow mic icon will prompt the reader to begin by pulsing
  • Read the word as a stand alone, in the context of the story, as a stand alone again

To view all trip words (either to practice and completed):

  • Head to Dashboard
  • Scroll to trip words
  • Tap show all
  • Select practice to view current trip words
  • Select completed to view words that have been practiced