What Is a Daily Goal on Rally Reader?

We at Rally Reader believe that practice helps. So we’ve set you up with a built in tool to help with that! 

Daily Goal shows the number of minutes you want to read each day, and how close you are to your finish line. It highlights how many minutes you read out loud and silently.

We recommend setting achievable goals, and increasing your Daily Goal once you’ve hit that milestone consistently. Every minute makes you better. Practice helps.

To update your daily goal:

  • Select Dashboard at bottom of your screen
  • Go to Daily Goal
  • Tap Edit 
  • Choose between
    • Launch (5 min/day)
    • Boost (10 min/day)
    • Accelerate (15 min/day)
    • Breakthrough (20 min/day)
    • Soar (30 min/day)
  • Save your selection and start reading

Rally Reader helps you build daily reading habits, celebrating your accomplishments with streaks, making it motivating and fun to reach your goals!