What Is Challenge Mode and How Do I Use It?

Rally Reader helps you prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in your reading. We introduce the 5 most challenging vocabulary words that you will see in your book that day and work to get your brains warmed up for when you’ll encounter these words in the book. These words are found in challenge mode

To tackle these words:

  • Open your reading screen
  • Tap text to pull up icons
  • Tap Challenge Mode at top of screen

Here, the 5 vocabulary words are generated and you are given the opportunity to practice by:

  • Reading the word aloud (select the little sound button to hear it first)
  • Reading it in the context of the story
  • And rereading it

And viola! Once you've read them all, your brain is primed and ready for the story ahead! With Challenge Mode, Rally Reader helps you build confidence to take on all your reading goals!

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