What Is Word Wiz?

Word wiz is a game that rewards students for mastering the 1000 most common words that  make up 75% of the words in English books.

Each time a student correctly reads one of these words aloud, they will see a tiny ‘victory’ bubble. 

A word read aloud correctly 3 times is considered mastered. 

The game has 8 levels. Every 125 words mastered is a level achieved and a badge earned. 

The order in which the words are encountered does not matter.

Head to:

  • Dashboard
  • Word wiz
  • Tap show all 
  • Select: In progress to see words in progress of mastery or mastered to words successfully read three times and mastered

🧠 These 1,000 high frequency words include 

Sight Words, Dolch Words, and Fry Words.