What Is Word Wiz?

 Did you know the English language has 1000 magic words?  These words make-up 3/4 of the words in all books. That means, if you know the magic words really well, you already know 3/4 of the words in every book! Cool, right?
Rally turns the 1000 magic words into a game, called Word Wiz. You play automatically, every time you read with Rally Reader.
The Word Wiz tile on your Rally Reader dashboard shows how many words you’ve won, and the words you are working on.
Research shows that learning words in context (inside a book you are enjoying) is the best way to build and retain knowledge.Here’s how to play:
  1. :books: Choose a book and read it out loud with Rally Reader.
  2. :mag_right: As you read, you’ll come across magic words hidden throughout the book.
  3. :sparkles: When you read a magic word correctly, it will sparkle off the page.
  4. :trophy: To win the magic word, you have to read it correctly 3 times.
  5. :bar_chart: Keep track of your progress with the Word Wiz tile on your Rally Reader dashboard. It shows you the magic words you’ve won and the ones you’re working on.
  6. :chart_with_upwards_trend: The higher you go in the game, the harder it is to find the magic words.
  7. Can you collect all 1000 magic words?
Good luck and have fun! :tada: