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Celebrate Reading with Rally Reader!

Hello! Welcome to Rally Reader! You’ve made your way to us via a QR code to celebrate the hard work of one of your readers! 

We at Rally Reader LOVE to celebrate wins. You might be wondering who we are or what all the information is that we’re celebrating.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Rally Reader is the only reading fluency app that hears you read and tracks your accuracy on a word-by-word basis. With our AI technology built in as a reading coach, Rally Reader gives you real-time feedback on your independent, read-aloud skills. You can keep track of your progress and see your growth over time. Rally Reader helps you through challenging words and inspires you to practice your reading every day. 

Whether you are learning to love to read or already love it, Rally Reader is here for you. Rally Reader was created to support anyone who is strengthening their foundational reading skills, building daily habits and strengthening their executive functioning skills, or really just loves having thousands of books at their fingertips! 

Rally Reader makes the invisible workload of reading visible! Rally Reader’s dashboard serves as the perfect hub to track progress. You can keep track of:

  • Daily reading goals
  • Words read per minute
  • Persistence
  • Streaks and badges

We’ve highlighted a few statistics in our certificate, like minutes read and books your reader is currently reading for you to celebrate their wins with us! 

We invite you to learn more about Rally Reader by visiting our website here and downloading our app here.


Happy reading, 

The Rally Reader Team